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Issue: # 7 June 28, 2008
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Welcome to the seventh issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to the world of photography.  Note that the gallery will be closed on Friday, July 4 for the Independence Day Holiday.

In This Issue
Current Show: "America through a German's Eye"
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Our East Gallery features the Work of Peter Sucy
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
My Image ... by Phyllis Thompson
Exhibit at 1600 East Avenue
Calendar of Upcoming Events at ICPG and Other Featured Venues
"America through a German's Eye" by Matthias Finke

Runs Through July 13

VII by Matthias Finke
Matthias Finke is our featured photographer for the current exhibit titled "America through a German's Eye". Although Matthias' photographic work includes wonderful commercial, portraiture, and landscapes, in this exhibit he captures a selection from his travels in the US. A resident for only several years he has already captured many extraordinary images of America ranging from abstract buoys to novel cityscapes and classic landscapes. In describing the photographs, Peter Marr commented that "Striking views of scenic America have been beautifully captured, printed and framed by Matthias Finke. These lovely landscapes are wonderfully enriched by more intimately detailed images, exemplified by the superb color palette and the powerful graphic representations." 
In addition to Matthias' photographs, guest photographers for the exhibit include Paul Baker, Tom Barker, Joel Krenis, and Peter Sucy. The gallery's Artists-in-Residence, Gil, Maker, Jim Patton, and David Perlman and Gallery Partners Daniel P. Crozet, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Philips, Gary and Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace bring a total of 15 photographers work to round out another show of exceptional photography.
Click here for details of the show and here to see some photographs in the exhibit. Click here for photos taken during the Artists' Reception by Steve Tryon.
Picks of the Show
Peter MarrPeter Marr Picks Four Favorites from the Current Show

Each show Peter Marr makes his "picks" from the photographs shown by the featured photographer and the guest photographers in the show. Peter, an enthusiastic, award-winning photographer, chose two of Matthias Finke's urban landscapes of Daly City, a suburb of San Francisco. He also chose a nature photograph by Peter Sucy and a winter urban scene by Joel Krenis taken in  Warsaw. Peter is an expert judge in both local and international photographic competitions and for each of his "picks" Peter has written an insightful comment about each of the selected photographs. Click here to see Peter's Picks.
In the East Gallery
Featuring the Work of Peter Sucy
 Rock Lichen Abstract
Peter Sucy, a local photographer, digital artist and illustrator is the featured photographer in the East Gallery exhibit. Peter has been involved both technically and artistically from the earliest days of digital imaging. In describing Peter's photographs, Peter Marr said "The delightful set of prints by Peter Sucy beautifully shows how digital techniques, elegantly and tastefully used, can strikingly enhance an image. All of his pictures have a wonderfully artistic and vibrant quality, and I was particularly drawn to the 'Lichen & Rocks' print." Peter Sucy is also exhibiting three illuminated lenticular prints that readily demonstrate the art of novel 3D photographs.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
"Blah Day" Photography
 Mossy forest by Gary Thompson
On "blah" lighting days I love to go to forested areas. The soft, diffused, subtle, lighting of cloudy overcast days is wonderful for leveling the light intensities of shadows and highlights. When using evaluative or matrix metering on these kinds of days, the camera's recommended reading for a "right on exposure"  is usually quite good. The accompanying image of a forested area on Deer Island, Maine was taken on one of those dreary "blah" lighting days. On a bright sunny day this scene might be quite beautiful to the human eye, however the resulting print would probably have much too much contrast.
Click here to see all of Gary's tips as well as a larger image of the example photograph titled Mossy Forest.
My Image ... 
Big Sur with Pompas Grass
Big Sur with Pompas Grass
by Phyllis Thompson
My Image, "Big Sur with Pompas Grass" was taken shortly after sunrise near Lucia in the Big Sur area of Route 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This was one of my first exhibiting images taken with my Hasselblad X-Pan panoramic camera. The photograph was taken shortly after sunrise, and I was inspired not only by the pampas grass in the foreground but also by the fog rising over the distant hills and by the waves as they rushed toward the shoreline below. Distant landscapes, shorelines, and tall trees are a few examples of scenes which lend themselves to panoramic images. When approaching a scene, I often try to visualize it from a panoramic perspective before deciding on my point of view.
To see the other photograph is the "My Image...." series and a larger image of Phyllis' photograph click here.
Exhibit of Photographs at 1600 East Avenue on the Club Level
Current Exhibit through July 22
Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to extend our exhibition of fine photographs to 1600 East Avenue -- a short distance from our gallery. Select photographs are displayed on the Club Level of the apartment community in a casual setting.  We encourage everyone to check out the wonderful new space and fine photographs presented by the Gallery Partners, Artists-in-Residence and the management at 1600 East Avenue. Non-residents of 1600 East Avenue may arrange a visit by scheduling a time with the concierge at 244-6041. Click here to see the work that is in the exhibit. If you would like to purchase a photograph contact the lease office at 1600 East Avenue or directly call or visit Image City, where we will complete the sale. We anticipate changing the photographs at 1600 East Avenue every six weeks.
Image City Photography Gallery
July 4, 2008 Image City Photography Gallery will be closed for the Holiday 
July 13, 2008 Closing Date for Matthias Finke's "America through a German's Eye"
July 16, 2008 First Day for the next show "Shape and Shadow" by Bruce Elling. Click here for announcement  details of Bruce's show and information on other participating photographers. 
July 18, 2008 5-8:30pm Artists' Opening Reception "Shape and Shadow" by Bruce Elling.
Other Venues  with Photography Shows having past Image City Exhibiting Photographers
Through July 6, 2008 "Life's Journey" solo photographic exhibition by Archie C. Curry at Joy Gallery, 551 Genesee Street, Rochester, NY.  
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