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Portfolio Showcase 2019

Let's start with a quick Video Tutorial

This is the question most frequently asked by photographers interested in the Portfolio Showcase 2019. There are no hard and fast rules, but we’d like to offer some guidelines that may help in selecting images for your portfolio submission. 

A portfolio is

         A collection of photographic images that explore a single theme or idea. 

         A collection of images that work together to tell a story. A portfolio is not necessarily  the collection of your very best photographs ever; While that is possible, it’s more likely a series of images with a unifying theme.

        For the Portfolio Showcase, it’s collection of eight images that together form a single theme or tell a story.

Things to consider

         If you lean toward color images then all eight of the images might be in color. If B&W is your preference, then all eight would be in B&W.  If you want to tone your images, then all images should be the same, unless, a variation in the tone contributes directly to the unifying theme. Mixing B&W and color or even B&W and Sepia tone could distract from the theme.

         The images could have been created over a period of time – a week, a month,  a year or longer. The portfolio images still need to reflect a unifying theme.

         The portfolio could  consist of images from a particular geographic location or region. But that may not be enough.  Take a set of images from St. Louis. Simply the fact that they all were taken in St. Louis probably does not constitute a portfolio. There would need to be some underlying theme that emerges because they’re from St. Louis.  On the other hand, a set of images from Death Valley might well qualify, simply because of the location.

         A portfolio could consist of images in which some geometric figure (e.g. vertical lines, circular structures, triangular shapes) tie all the images together. This is often referred to as “graphic linkage.”

         When you assemble your portfolio, make sure that all eight images contribute to the theme.  Cohesiveness in the portfolio is key! You don’t want an “outlier.”

         It’s helpful to look at the images together as you would exhibit them. Ask some friends and family to look at them with you to get some feedback. Take the opportunity to talk about your work as a portfolio.


Mat, frame and image size

         There are specific size requirements for the images submitted to the Portfolio Showcase 2017. (See the entry form for details.) Traditionally, photographs are matted with mats and frames of the same size.   It also helps support a sense of unity.   

         In general, in selecting images and presenting a portfolio, try to minimize any variations that detract from the unifying theme.

We hope these few concepts will help you to make your own selections for submission to the Portfolio Showcase 2017.

 For more details:  phone 585.271.2540, email Info@ImageCityPhotographyGallery.com



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