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Steve Levinson

Mendon Ponds Park by Steve Levinson    Cambodian Fishing Village by Steve Levinson

“There is no such thing as reality.  There is only perception.”  Flaubert

 “There is always another side of every mountain—the side that has never been photographed and turned into a postcard.  That is the only side worth seeing.” Thomas Merton

Rust Study by Steve LevinsonPhotography has been a significant part of my life since graduate school. This includes making images, learning about the art of photography, taking master classes with great photographers and joining the Image City Photography Gallery to support excellence in fine art Photography in Rochester.

Making images allows me to actively see the world and its details, focusing on strong simple graphic shapes and patterns that might normally be passed by as we hurry through our lives. The goal is to find the “web of light” in both nature and man made objects.  

My best photography comes from “going out empty”, having no assignment, just picking a location and finding images that excite me. Looking at something and seeing something new. 

Burnished Metal by Steve LevinsonI am reminded of the fable of the five blind men who encounter an elephant and each, touching a different part of the animal has a totally different impression of what an elephant looks like. A snake (trunk), a tree (leg), a wall (side of the elephant’s body), a fan (ear) and a rope (tail).

Many of us walk by elephants every day (or buildings, beautiful landscapes, exotic travel locations etc.) and see the entire “big picture”, creating a “post card” view of the world. I enjoy looking more closely at these scenes and literally focusing on parts of the whole which provide strong images. This makes for an “active” seeing process. I apply this approach to macro, landscape and travel photography.

I have the fortune of being represented in collections in the United States and Europe as well as in the local press as the staff photographer for the JCC Center Stage Theatre.  



Click Here to view a catalog of a selection of Steve's photographs.


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