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Through the Student Lens 2022

March 22 - April 17, 2022

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by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Natural Bridge by Ron Andrews

Natural Bridge
by Ron Andrews

When Ron Andrews goes for a walk locally or when traveling, he is always on the lookout for the right light to enhance his photography of the natural world. Inspired by his grandfather, who photographed scenery in all 50 states, Ron enjoys finding some of the same subjects as he visits extraordinary landscapes throughout the country.

 Natural Bridge is an example of one of the dramatic scenes captured by Ron. The arch, sculpted from beautiful red rocks, poses a stark contrast to the dark green of the Ponderosa trees, peeking through the bridge from the canyon below.

 To be able to see the red rocks covered in white snow, Ron’s timing was right. Many photographers may not think initially of visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in the winter months; however, the scene creates a spectacular magical atmosphere with the red spire-like rock towers (hoodoos) dusted in snow. Ron was able to take this photo while the clouds diffused the sunlight, producing shadows and different colors ranging from deep to light orange.

 As the viewer stares at this image, it is possible to see where water has slowly, over thousands of years, formed this natural wonder. Soaking in the beauty of the scene, some questions come to mind. How long did it take to look like this? How did the Native Americans traverse this land? As the forces of erosion continue to wear the rock away, is the spectactular arch constantly at risk of destruction?  

If you have had not had the chance to visit Bryce Canyon, perhaps this image will inspire you to include it as a future destination. In the meantime, take some time to enjoy Ron’s lovely photograph of this spectacular sight.
The Soul of Generations by Elena Dilai
The Soul of Generations

by Elena Dilai

Elena has a very strong bond to her homeland of Ukraine and presents her final exhibit as Visiting Artist in tribute to her beloved Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and the deep connection many Ukrainians have to their heritage and culture.  

Ukrainians, and their intergenerational connection are represented by three Ukrainian girls in traditional dress with their eyes and faces obscured. Elena took sepia and color photos to symbolize the past and the modern world respectively. Next, she cut the two images and placed a sepia and color half together. On top of the curved cut between the sepia and color is a braid made of embroidery thread. After physically placing the two parts of the image together with the, Elena took a final photograph for presentation. The colored braids bridge the past and present, but as one can see from her placement of the exhibit photos they also serve as a link that ties the photos together. It is inspiring, that in the middle of all that she is doing to support her ancestorial home, Elena is very deliberate and specific about her exhibit.  

A viewer may notice that only one young woman holds something in her hands. This bundle of wheat is an ancient symbol of wealth, immortality, and resurrection and reminds us that this life-giving crop is an historic Ukrainian export that nourishes the world. 

Elena’s work in this exhibit demonstrates her skills as a photographer and storyteller. Though Elena mentions that she took photos of young people, the images are representative of mature, resilient, spirited and determined people proud of their heritage and quite willing to fight together for their nation and their national identity.


Tibet 9 by Nick Jospe Tibet 9
by Nick Jospe

Nick has provided us with a set of outstanding photographs from mysterious Tibet presenting the astounding beauty of high altitude lands of this country, a land without forests, but a land filled with spaciousness. Tibet 9 offers a portrait of a mountain, the sunlight revealing its spectrum of colors, silvery cliffs and an array of textures, presented against a gray and foreboding sky. Looking at this photograph transports us to the foot of this barren mountain, and we’re welcomed to explore, from the large rock in the foreground, past the green flora, up the smooth rise and then up to the top. Or we might look closely at the cliffs and then move out of the sunlight to the dark receding ridge.  This is, indeed, a photograph that invites us into beauty and delivers it!  

Congratulations, Nick, on this inspiring collection of photographs!  And, thank you.


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