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Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by the Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Buckland Winter by Lisa Cook

Buckland Winter
by Lisa Cook

$180, 16x20-in

Lisa’s exhibit - Heavens and Earth – tells the story of the everchanging sky over the Rochester area moved by the water cycle as water transitions from the sky to earth and back. Half of her display focuses on clouds and the rest on the earth. Buckland Winter is an excellent example of Lisa’s mastery of compositional elements in her photography. One’s eye immediately focuses on the large selection of field grass on the left with very soft texture. As your eye reads right a diagonal path leads directly through the photograph over of the bridge. What is beyond this view?  More of the field? Or, since this is in a more urban area, is there a much different view and therefore Lisa is shielding us from something distracting? Finally, Lisa balances the photo with the tower on the right The light gray sky evident from the snow falling, aids the eye movement to stat with the confines of the field and path. The texture of the building, the fence and the stalks of the plant are contrasted with the softness of the falling snow, the path, and the tops of the plants with the fallen snow. Lucky for Lisa that there was little wind that day to disturb this delicate balance. As always, an excellent collection of photographs from Lisa.


Mermaid Parade #1 by Dede Hartung


Mermaid Parade #1
by Dede Hartung
$300, 18x32-in

In her Mermaid Parade Series, Dede gives us a glimpse of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, which is the largest art parade in the country. Dede’s gallery pick entitled Mermaid Parade #1 is an example of the vibrant colors and marine costumes, which are prevalent in this annual tradition. Its primary intent is to celebrate self-expression, while giving New York artists a place to display their artwork.

Mermaid Parade #1 clearly exemplifies this intent. In this image Dede has captured a perfect example of the types of costumes worn by the participants. By focusing on just the neck, face and hair of the subject, Dede is able to convey the feeling of the sea, which is a main focus of the parade itself. The entire image is a metaphor of the lovely sea that surrounds her. Dede’s composition brings out the waves of the subject’s hair, the pearls of her necklace and the marine colors above her eyes and throughout her hair. One might picture this beautiful mermaid swimming throughout the aquamarine ocean, under the azure sky as she collects pearls from the oysters at the bottom of the sea to add to her face and necklace. The lighting on the subject’s face is soft, making lovely tones as they complement the colors of her hair. 

In portrait photography the elements that matter the most are light, subject and composition; Dede has demonstrated excellence in all of these elements in her gallery pick, Mermaid Parade #1.


House Moth by Lee Ingraham


House Moth
by Lee Ingraham
$400, 22x32-in

This series of photos are amazing. When you first look at them they seem like close up photos of insects that look unworldly. BUT, ….Lee has created these insects by compositing many photos to create his insect portraits. Looking closely, you can see the different components he artfully arranged.

His use of color tones is expertly done, contrasting his “insect” against weathered barn wood.  Interestingly enough the barn wood was made into the frames for these photographs. The symmetry in this photograph is superb.  We often are amazed by “straight” macro shots of insects, but this photo teases the eye, so just walking by it quickly one would miss all the creativity involved in its production.

House Moth reminds us of work by Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was an Italian Renaissance painter known for his intricate paintings, which combined inanimate or found objects into a portrait that would resemble the portrait subject. Most of Arcimboldo’s remaining works are of collected objects, which have been assembled to resemble people. He used fruits, flowers, vegetables, fish, and books, and other things, (among them slabs of meat), and arranged them in such a way as to not only resemble a person, but the person’s resemblance as well.

Truly a wonderful photograph! 

Egg & Forks


Egg & Forks
by Joyce Pearson
$250, 20x26-in

As stated in Joyce’s artist statement, she enjoys tabletop, macro style photography.  This photograph employs a tenebrism technique, dark environment with a well-lit and bright subject.  Such simple subjects, an egg and 2 forks, when properly staged and lit results in a beautiful and classic photograph. 

Using a black cloth and a mirror as a stage illuminated by natural light, Joyce has placed an egg on a nest created where the tines mesh. As a result, there is perfect symmetry both horizontally and vertically created and a sense of balance that is both physically and mentally. A tranquil mood is a result of this sense of balance. It is a well-staged and well-lit photograph. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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